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Rotate & Wheel Balancing

Tire Rotation and wheel balancing are important to maintaining the safety and life of your tires. As you drive, tires can wear unevenly. Maybe your vehicle carries more weight in the back than the front, or you take right turns faster than you do left turns.


Rotate & Wheel Balancing in hermitage, tn

Tire balancing should happen at the same time your tires are rotated. Rotation moves your tires from their current position on the car, perhaps front to back and visa versa. Balancing your tires ensures the weight of the wheel and tire is evenly distributed. Unbalanced tires can cause vibration or shake when the vehicle is driven.

At Hermitage Hills Brake & Auto, we recommend tire rotation and balancing with every oil change. Call us or stop by the shop to schedule your service.

Hermitage Hills Brake and Auto - Rotate and Balancing Wheels

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